Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wreaths do not express the widespread grief of Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) supporters. Tombstones and graves do.

The bad joss of State Executive Councilor, Elizabeth Wong, captured nude in self-described “intimate positions” has stripped the party of the remaining moral tolerance.

This episode follows the gripping tale of two PKR’s men accepting sexual gratification paid for by a land applicant in Perak soon after the duo became state executive councilors.

Another was struck down in Kedah by bigamy, a beginning of a contagion that may not stop soon enough for the Pakatan Rakyat to breathe easy for months yet. Many were selected without due diligence to hold public offices.

It’s a lesson in the corruption of power that has, in this case, led to the fall of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak.

The new BN Menteri Besar (Chief Minister), Zambry Abdul Kadir, was sworn in on Feb. 6 in the midst of a failed demonstration to foil the ceremony at the palace in Kuala Kangsar, a bad choice of a means to control the damage.

Pakatan Rakyat hasn’t accepted the moral debility, rising to a high level of noise instead to cast doubt over the legitimacy of the ruler’s decision to admit a new state government.

On Friday 13th Feb, while former Menteri Besar, Nizar, was filing a suit in Kuala Lumpur to challenge the legality of his removal from office, journalists from the Malay Mail prepared to call Elizabeth Wong to inform her of the photographs/video the newspaper had received showing her in her entirety.

She could do nothing other than to admit she was the “victim” in the pictures/video.

Even with a grand attempt launched to control the damage, the actual offence is appearing to reside in the lifestyle Wong had led before becoming State Executive Councilor.

She admitted in an interview after her appointment she was a hippie.

The nudity thus popularly associated with her lifestyle, the case against her looks well-done, the pictures believed taken by a boyfriend making some people say she was a victim of indiscretion or of self-indulgence.

The litmus is easy. Will PKR accept to make her resign and field her again in Bukit Lanjang?

Elizabeth Wong will have to go but the event is no longer about her. She is politically a featherweight, more useful to society as a spokesperson of a leading NGO, Suaram.

The build-up of antipathy against the PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat has usefully secured the two by-elections on April 7 for the BN.

When Elizabeth vacates Bukit Lanjan (they have named it Bukit Telanjang), it will also be the BN that will take the seat, a popular assumption that is a thumbs-down primarily for the PKR and the DAP.

People from the two parties are blaming the Pas for the removal of the rot in the pact, bothering little about the fact the PKR is supposed to be led by a husband-wife team that had cast a long shadow on the Islamic landscape in Malaysia and Asia-Pacific.

What, therefore, are the true colors of Anwar Ibrahim and Dr. Wan Azizah, people ask? Are they about the underside of a long coat?

It’s probably more of an obsessive rush for power that had overlooked all other factors, including letting the compradors in the Pakatan to endlessly dribble against Malays and Islam.

It’s easy to see it’s now payback time. The larger number of votes given to the Pakatan on 8 March issuing directly from a widespread distaste for the outgoing Prime Minister, Pak Lah, will believably swing back to the BN.

The single largest casualty in this caper of carpetbaggers is the will to achieve integration.

This is what the Elizabeth-in-the-Nude symbolizes – a clear stripping of the veils to show the end of a bewildering collusion that nearly caused the ruin of Umno and the BN while it took the nation to the brink of bloodshed.

Elizabeth Wong is not important as a politician. She only needs to be strong to weather the bad personal mileage. But in her distress she raises questions we need to answer.

How will Anwar fare after the bad start in the power-sharing of his own? Will he float or will he soon sink? How will people vote the PKR after this? ----a. ghani ismail, 17 Feb 2009

PS. - Elizabeth Wong tendered her resignation from the state government and as state assembly person for Bukit Lanjang today - 17 Feb. 2009. De facto PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim, was reported to have told her to hold on. - ghani

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a. ghani ismail said...

Elizabeth Wong offered to resign from the state government and as assemblyperson for Bukit Lanjang today - Tuesday 17 Feb 2009. PKR de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim, was reported to have told her to hold on. - ghani